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At Accenture, our expert teams in operations, technology and consulting support the entire pharmacovigilance journey, from proof-of-concept to end-to-end services. We have more than 1,200 dedicated pharmacovigilance resources, including 60 physicians and 45 medical writers, who are helping our clients process 1.5 million cases annually. We offer a pharmacovigilance technology platform solution that helps our life sciences clients reduce manual effort in individual case safety reports (ICSRs) processing. Website.

A-consult A/S

We are a team of consultants each with a unique background in the pharmaceutical industry. Our senior staff members have been working for up to 30 years in this field. Our competencies cover both Regulatory Affairs, Product Safety and Quality. Assurance. Website

Acorn Regulatory

Acorn Regulatory comprises a group of experienced regulatory affairs consultants specialising in Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Regulatory Affairs and Pharmacovigilance. Website.

AKOS Limited


AKOS Limited, established in 1986, is a leading provider of Pharmacovigilance and QPPV services to the pharmaceutical industry. With offices based in the United Kingdom and the United States, we support companies from around the world including Europe, USA, Canada and Asia in their activities relating to development and strategy, clinical trial applications and marketing authorisations, pre- and post marketing support.

APC Instytut


Świadczymy profesjonalne usługi w zakresie Pharmacovigilance (PV, PhV, PVG) dopasowane do potrzeb podmiotu odpowiedzialnego. WHO definiuje Pharmacovigilance jako „badania naukowe i działania związane z wykrywaniem, oceną, zrozumieniem i zapobieganiem niepożądanym działaniom, lub innym problemom, które są związane z lekami”. Strona www


APCER Life Sciences is committed to improving health in partnership with its clients. We bring together safety, medical, regulatory, and technology resources to ensure that patients receive the safest, most effective therapies possible. Website.



Take the faster, better, smarter approach and discover how we can provide a complete solution to all your Global and Local Pharmacovigilance needs. Website.

Aris Global

ArisGlobal is leading the way with an innovative pharmacovigilance software and drug safety platform to transcend all traditional safety data management and reporting processes. Our 30-plus years of safety experience provides clients with the expertise they need to respond to a heightened regulatory focus on signal detection and risk management and address adverse event reporting. 
(IT Solutions) Website.



Planning for a paradigm shift in the delivery of Pharmacovigilance services, AWINSA Life Sciences aims to provide end to end PV services including in its ambit both clinical trial and post marketing services. Manned by people with discernment and an eye for quality, we at AWINSA Life Sciences ensure astute analysis of safety reports so that clinical scenarios emerge in perspicuity. Website.



Pharmacovigilance, Information médicale, Responsabilité globale (QPPV) et/ou locale, Veille bibliographique, Rédaction des rapports périodiques de sécurité, Formation, Conseils et Expertise, Cosmetovigilance i Materiovigilance. Website.


Baupharma is a service provider for pharmaceuticals. We are focused on Regulatory Affairs, Pharmacovigilance, Medical Translations, Medical Writing and Business Development for EU, MENA & LATAM. Website.


Bioclinica Safety & Regulatory Solutions offers specialized drug safety, regulatory affairs and clinical services across all therapeutic areas. Partner with the #1 Pharmacovigilance services provider in the industry. Website.


Our pharmacovigilance support ranges from full, 24/7 assistance service with global coverage, to tailored services based on client needs. Website.



BoosConsulting provides tailored and flexible services with medical-pharmaceutical scope – from short-term support up to long-term services for products, projects and customers. Based on 16 years of experience, the special focus is on drug safety; further key areas concern medical devices and pharma law matters. Website.

Cello Pharmaceuticals


Our pharmacovigilance services range from the collection of source data (safety data), receipt of the data, Processing of the safety data, Authoring of the aggregate reports, analysis of the ADR data. PSMF preparation, GAP assessment of pharmacovigilance and QPPV support. Assuring quality and the compliant pharmacovigilance services. Website.

Clinquest, Inc.


Clinical’s expert team has been providing Pharmacovigilance (PV) services since 2005, covering both clinical and postmarketing drugs and devices across several therapeutic areas. Our PV team provides a one-stop solution to identify and handle your safety management needs. We are a leading pharmacovigilance provider with global bandwidth for clinical safety management as well as postmarketing product inquiries, product complaints and adverse events. Linical uses cutting edge systems to enhance efficiency, ensure compliance, and help reduce the cost of safety data processing, and while delivering the hands-on, personalized service your project deserves. Website.



Cognizant’s latest digital solutions enable long-term success. Our consultants address evolving issues related to drug safety and process consistency—such as global compliance requirements—and can integrate safety data from disparate sources. We also help you explore your options using digital advancements such as artificial intelligence (AI), analytics, blockchain and the cloud.  Website.

Cox PharmaConsulting Ltd.

Cox PharmaConsulting Ltd. offers Pharmacovigilance Consulting and Interim Management services to the pharmaceutical industry. Website.

CSO Pharma

CSO Pharma provides reliable pharmacovigilance services, professional medical affairs & medical information support and successful Quality Management / GDP consulting. Website.


Cvigilance is a full service Pharmacovigilance CRO, providing support to our clients in the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, cosmetics and food industry for any of their drug safety and medical information needs. Website.

Diamond Pharma Services

Diamond Pharma Services is a leading technical and scientific consulting group serving the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry with a Global HQ in the UK and EU HQ in The Netherlands. Website.



When it comes to drug safety, Diapharm is a reliable partner to the pharmaceutical industry. We take care of everything – from preparing PSURs to developing complete pharmacovigilance systems. Website.

Drive Phase PV

Drive Phase PV provides pharmacovigilance and device-vigilance support and auditing in both clinical and post-marketing settings, with particular expertise in oncology and biologics. We pride ourselves on providing pragmatic and tailored solutions, ensuring compliant, but cost-effective systems suited for our clients’ individual structures. Website.


Founded in Prague in 2004 (as Unimed), EastHORN is today one of the leading CROs in Europe. We operate in over 20 countries in the region with an experienced staff comprised largely of physicians and PhDs. Website.



Nasi konsultanci posiadają wieloletnie doświadczenie w pracy w działach badawczo-rozwojowych, technologicznych, medycznych i marketingowych firm farmaceutycznych. To pasjonaci dziedziny, którzy chętnie dzielą się swoją obszerną wiedzą i zawodowymi doświadczeniami. Realizujemy projekty w branżach wytwarzania produktów leczniczych, produkcja opakowań do leków, dobra praktyka wytwarzania kosmetyków oraz zarządzanie w jednostkach ochrony zdrowia. Strona www.

Grove Group

Since 1996 Grove Group provides market entry solutions for the CEE countries. Western pharmaceutical and medical device companies partner with Grove consultants which provide a comprehensive package of regulatory, pharmacovigilance and market access services. Website.



Thorough collection and assessment of product safety information is essential to the success of both clinical research studies and in maintaining post-marketing product licenses. Our team of over 300 global Pharmacovigilance staff members will bring together all safety services into a seamless delivery solution that focuses on transparency, easy to review outputs, and with a strong focus on continuous quality improvement and operational efficiency. Website.

IMIS Pharma

Imis Pharma jest polską firmą consultingową działającą na rynku europejskim. Głównym celem firmy jest zapewnienie profesjonalnego wsparcia dla firm z sektora farmaceutycznego w zakresie nadzoru nad bezpieczeństwem i rejestracji produktów leczniczych. Swoją działalność rozpoczęliśmy w Polsce i systematycznie rozszerzamy o kolejne kraje europejskie, w których sektor farmaceutyczny wymaga dodatkowego wsparcia. Z biegiem czasu nasze doświadczenie pozwoliło nam rozszerzyć zakres oferowanych usług o branżę weterynaryjną, kosmetyczną i wyroby medyczne. Strona www.

INAR (Instytut Arcana)


Dział Pharmacovigilance tworzony jest przez zespół z wykształceniem medycznym oraz bogatym doświadczeniem popartym licznymi certyfikatami i szkoleniami. Wieloletnie doświadczenie w pracy z sektorem farmaceutycznym, powoduje, iż dysponujemy ekspertami z kilkuletnim stażem pracy w firmach farmaceutycznych zarówno na stanowisku QPPV, jak również pełniących funkcję specjalistów do spraw bezpieczeństwa farmakoterapii. Współpraca z doradcami medycznymi, poszerza nasze kwalifikacje o osoby czynnie powiązane zawodowo z medycyną. Dzięki tak różnorodnemu doświadczeniu zespół Instytutu Arcana gwarantuje najwyższej jakości usługi kompleksowego wsparcia systemów Pharmacovigilance, czego potwierdzeniem są zarówno zaprezentowane poniżej statystyki, jak i przykładowe referencje od Partnerów Biznesowych, którzy nam zaufali. Strona www.

IntuVigilance Limited

We support existing commercial pharmaceutical companies, biotech as well as CROs. We offer pharmacovigilance, cosmetovigilance, nutravigilance, materiovigilance as well as drug safety services. Website.



iSafety is a leading Pharmacovigilance Service Provider uniquely focused on delivering Scalable, Quality and Compliant Pharmacovigilance Services and Solutions. Website.

Kieran O’Donnell Limited

Kieran O’Donnell Limited provides pharmacovigilance and quality system support and consulting across the product lifecycle, with extensive expertise in supporting small to medium sized companies.



Naszymi głównymi zadaniami są: rejestracja produktów leczniczych (leków), w tym weterynaryjnych produktów leczniczych, rejestracja wyrobów medycznych i suplementów diety oraz szeroko pojęte doradztwo farmaceutyczne (Regulatory Affairs), w tym usługi w zakresie projektowania nowych produktów, prowadzenia prac badawczo-rozwojowych, przeprowadzanie audytów oraz pośrednictwo w produkcji kontraktowej. Strona www.

Medical Business & Science


Świadczymy profesjonalne usługi w zakresie Pharmacovigilance dopasowane do potrzeb podmiotu odpowiedzialnego. Pharmacovigilance to nadzór nad bezpieczeństwem farmakoterapii poprzez monitorowanie działań niepożądanych produktów leczniczych. Strona www.


Quality customer-facing Pharmacovigilance and medical information services provided solely by experienced medical professionals. Website.



MediReg to firma doradcza specjalizująca się w świadczeniu usług w zakresie rejestracji leków, wyrobów medycznych, suplementów diety i kosmetyków.


Navitas Life Sciences is a full-service Pharmacovigilance provider, offering Services along the PV Value chain right from Case Intake to Safety Risk Management. With operating centers in Germany and India, Navitas provides a combination of offshore and onshore teams that can reliably serve the entire PV spectrum. Website.


Panacea provides regulatory & pharmacovigilance services to companies at the clinical trial, Marketing Authorisation application and the post-authorisation phases; we also offer veterinary PV and medical device vigilance services. Panacea is responsible for Marketing Authorisations (MAs) in every EU country; we also have experience of inspections from the MHRA, the IMB, and the FDA. Website.

Pharmafile PV Services

We aim to provide a comprehensive ‘tailored to suit your individual companies’ needs’ Vigilance Service, including a Qualified Person for Pharmacovigilance (QPPV). Our team is able to undertake your whole (pharmaco) vigilance requirements or alternatively perform any specific task where your company may have a temporary lack of resource due to increased workload or vacancies. Website.


Place your Pharmacovigilance, Epidemiology, and Risk management activities (PER) in experienced hands. Whether you need an urgent solution for an unexpected problem or are seeking to outsource entire PER processes – our knowledgeable experts will be there for you no matter where you are. Website.


PHARMASSIST LTD, is a fast-growing, full-service Contract Research Organization located in Athens-Greece (headquarters) and London-UK. The company operates in Europe since 1999, providing services in Clinical Trials, Medical Affairs, Pharmacovigilance, Regulatory Affairs and Quality Management. Website.


Rokitnica (woj. łódzkie)

Doradztwo, szkolenia i wykłady z zakresu nadzoru na bezpieczeństwem stosowania produktów farmaceutycznych i kosmetyków. Strona www.

PharmaVigilance Limited

PharmaVigilance Limited is a knowledge process outsourcing company which provides a range of services in the area of Pharmacovigilance (PV) and Regulatory Affairs. Website.


PharSafer® is a niche CRO and Pharmacovigilance & Medical Services specialist. Website.


PhV Latam is an organization dedicated to pharmacovigilance and drug safety. At PhV Latam we know that drug safety is a fundamental commitment of the Pharmaceutical industry´s to their patients, and we have a major package of services, tailor-made for each customer and in strict adherence to regulatory requirements.



Transform pharmacovigilance services to deliver medicines our world can trust. This will be evident from our wealth of expertise, the high quality and cost effectiveness of our services and our passion for our work. To help promote patient and product safety by enabling our customers to perform effective drug safety surveillance and medical information activities that are compliant with regulatory requirements is our objective. Website.

ProductLife Group

ProductLife Group is an outsourcing and consulting services company that supports the global life sciences industry across the product development and marketing life cycle by transforming the way organisations capture, monitor, manage, and use information. Website.


PVpharm is a pharmacovigilance service provider based in Spain (EU). We provide services to Marketing Authorisation Holders, Sponsors and to other pharmacovigilance service providers with the objective of helping the Pharmaceutical industry to comply with Pharmacovigilance regulatory requirements. We provide global, professional, quick, and flexible solutions to complex, specialized needs. Website.

QP-Services UK Ltd


We can provide all of your pharmacovigilance requirements for human or veterinary medicinal products in accordance with current GVP Guidance. We can also provide partial bespoke service or simply a helping hand, as needed. Website.

QPlus Consult

Working for both EU Corporate organisations & local affiliates, Qplus consult understands international as well as company-specific requirements. Even more, our focus on quality and customer satisfaction has resulted in a proven record of exceeding the clients’ expectations. As experts in the field, we are frequently invited to keep in-company workshops highlighting the implementation of regulatory requirements. Website.


QPPV offers Pharmacovigilance & Clinical Safety consultancy services, including the provision of Economic European Area (EEAA) Qualified Person for Pharmacovigilance (QPPV) and Responsible Person (RP) for Pharmacovigilance in Clinical Trials, with the necessary tools and expertise to support Sponsors, Marketing Authorisation Holders and Applicants. Website.

Quintian Pharma

We offer certified Quality Assurance, Pharmacovigilance and Regulatory services for the pharmaceutical industry. We can provide QA guidance in both the API and the FDF areas, including high potency and sterile forms. We can do audits upon request and assist you in the preparation of upcoming audits/inspections. Our objective is to assist companies to improve the level to EU-cGMP/GDP. Website.



LONDON (UK) – (XX) Quanticate, a leading global data-focused clinical research organisation (CRO) has launched QVigilance to provide dedicated pharmacovigilance (PV) and risk management services. Website.



Oferujemy naszym klientom opracowanie od podstaw oraz dalsze zarządzanie całym systemem monitorowania działań niepożądanych. Strona www.



RECLINMED s.r.o., a consultancy company based in Prague, Czech Republic, provides broad range of services to pharmaceutical companies. We offer services in regulatory affairs, CMC and manufacturing, quality assurance and pharmacovigilance. Website.

Regulatory Affairs Hub

As a group of Regulatory, QA and Pharmacovigilance consultants we offer an array of services for small to medium-sized pharmaceutical companies. As the regulatory landscape is ever changing that extra help may be just what you need. Website.



SciencePharma provides pharmacovigilance services tailored to the needs of pharmaceutical companies from all over the world (EU and outside EU). We have developed full PV system, from adverse event analysis and reporting through signal detection and periodic safety reports to risk management, therefore you will get experience in the entire PV spectrum. Always looking for new talented staff with different backgrounds and academic achievements (pharmacists, physicians, chemists, biologists and other). Website.

seQure Life Sciences

seQure Life Sciences has a wealth of experience in providing pharmacovigilance and quality management services thanks to his different the qualified employees with 30 years of experience on the pharmacovigilance sector. Website.

SGS Polska

Oferowane przez SGS usługi w zakresie bezpieczeństwa leków i nadzorowania działań niepożądanych udostępniają wszechstronne i elastyczne rozwiązania na potrzeby aktywnego zarządzania bezpieczeństwem leków, monitorowaniem niepożądanych działań leków i niewłaściwego funkcjonowania wyrobów medycznych oraz zarządzania ryzykiem w czasie pełnego cyklu życia wyrobu medycznego lub produktu leczniczego. Strona www.



Soterius provides global safety, medical affairs, regulatory and technology enabled solutions to clients in Europe, Asia, Americas and Australia. Soterius founders and partners have years of experience in building thriving people and customer focused organizations that care deeply about people, compliance and patient outcomes. Website.

Symogen Ltd.


Symogen Ltd. is a leading pharmacovigilance, pharmacoepidemiology, medical writing and regulatory affairs service provider to the pharmaceutical industry with offices in the UK, USA and India. Website.

Syneos Health


Syneos Health® is the only fully integrated end-to-end clinical and commercial solution organization. We are purpose-built for biopharmaceutical acceleration, creating better, smarter, faster ways to help clients navigate an increasingly complex marketplace. Our business addresses today’s market realities through clinical and commercial sharing expertise and data and insights to meet the needs of emerging and large global biopharmaceutical companies. Website.


The Drug Safety Unit has extensive experience in managing all aspects of drug safety/pharmacovigilance services, from the drug development phase through to market authorization surveillance and the set-up of a pharmacovigilance system. Website. 

TopPharm Consulting


Oferujemy usługi monitorowania działań niepożądanych (pharmacovigilance) oraz raportowania działań niepożądanych w systemie elektronicznym Eudravigilance. Równolegle oferowane usługi regulatory affairs i rejestracji produktów leczniczych pozwalają zapewnić kompleksową obsługę projektów. Strona www.


Led by industry safety experts, UBC combines a depth of experience in safety/pharmacovigilance, risk management, signal detection, and assessment with the newest and most innovative technology systems. (IT Solutions) Website.


Vigilcon – Pharmacovigilance service provider with young talents having sound knowledge across all areas in case processing activities. at vigilcon we ensure client satisfaction with deliverables at stipulated time frames.


We are deeply committed to helping pharmaceutical multinationals by addressing existing challenges as well as forestalling future issues. Our offering SMARTANCE is the next-gen, end-to-end completely integrated service that offers optimized processes across the clinical, regulatory and PV functions around the globe. Wipro’s wide range of PV automation solutions offer a significant reduction in case processing time, total cost of operations and increases complete quality compliance. (IT Solutions) Website.